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The Grazer Box

For Up to 2 People Weekly


7-9 lbs. of Organic and Natural Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs


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The Farmer Box

For Up to 3 People Weekly


12-14 lbs. of Organic and Natural Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs


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The Organic Box

For Up to 3 People Weekly


8-10 lbs. of Organic Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs


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The Homesteader

For Up to 5 People Weekly


20-22 lbs. of Organic and Natural Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs

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Choose Your Plan

Select one of our box plans that are packed with organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Our Grazer Box contains a weekly serving for 2 people and the Homesteader serves up to 5!

Produce is Handpicked and Packaged

We handpick and pack each item to ensure there are no disfigured or oddball vegetables. Just delicious and worthy produce in every box.

Arrives at Your Door

We deliver flavorful, high quality produces straight from our farm to your doorstep. You can rest easy knowing the healthiest, freshest and worthiest produce is on the way.

Why Choose
Worthy Flavors

100% Fresh

We ship fresh from the farm to your table. We guarantee that our produce was picked and packed just days before being delivered.

Variety &

Variety is the spice of life! At Worthy Flavors, we grow and have partnered with numerous specialty growers to provide you with over 100 fruits and vegetables, including seasonal and not so common produce. That means that you can enjoy something different in your box every week.

3-Day Delivery

Fresh produce is our motto, so we need to ensure it arrives quickly and safely. We have partnered up with both FedEx and UPS nationally to ensure you receive your products in a guaranteed three days, no matter where you are located.

Grown & Owned
by US Farmers

We don’t just grow it, pack it, and ship it - we also own it. Who better to bring the customer high quality, just picked, nutritious fresh produce?

US Grown
Produce Only

No imports here! With partnerships across the country and our primary partners located throughout the Southeast, you can be assured you always receive US grown produce only. We are happy to share information about exactly where and how all our produce is grown, as well as who grows it, with our customers.

Simplicity &

You can pause, upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel your subscription at any time, with no hassle. Guaranteed.

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