To determine if we deliver to your area, click on Do We Ship To Your Address at the top of the website. Enter your zip code. 

We ship FREE to 29 states. If you live outside the 29 states. Add-On products added to your produce box order, will have shipping fees added to your cart at checkout. 

Free Shipping States: (Certain zip codes may be excluded due to carrier delivery difficulties.)

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
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Setting up a Worthy Flavors account doesn't require you to make a purchase. To create a customer account, click on the 'Join' button at the top of our web site, and it will take you through the steps to set up your account. You will be required to enter your payment information, but you will never be charged until you place an order.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We do not accept SNAP/EBT or PayPal at this time.

We want your Worthy Flavors to fit easily into your life! There are no minimum number of deliveries required. We have no membership fees and no long term commitment. There's no contract or fine print to worry about. You can change or cancel your recurring orders without penalty, as long as you cancel before the end of the customization window for your upcoming order.

Once you've set up your account, check your email for further information to help you navigate your account. If you have any questions, contact Please remember that you will need an account to place an order, and to manage your recurring orders.  

If you've not created a free Worthy Flavors account:
Go to Sign Up at the top of the website page and complete the information. 

If you've created a free account, but have not ordered:
Go to Log In at the top of the website page, log in to your account, and you will be sent to the SHOP page. 

To order:
SELECT THE PRODUCE BOX you'd like. SELECT THE FREQUENCY: This Week, Next Week, Every Week, Every Other Week, Once A Month or One Time. After you have selected the box and frequency click on + ADD TO DELIVERY. This will place the item into your cart. From there you'll CUSTOMIZE THE PRODUCE for your box, based on all of the produce options we are offering. Once you've completed customizing your order, be sure to SAVE your order. 

Our checkout process is unique, in that there is no check out button. We will process your credit card within 24 hours. If there are items in your cart, you will be charged for those items. 

View your cart:
To view your cart, click on MY DELIVERY or click on the picture of the cart. 

Contact Customer Care at

Product offering availability can fluctuate for a variety of reasons. We work with other small farms to source produce we don't grow. We may receive produce that do not meet our high quality standards, or the harvest needed just a bit more growing time before it was ready to share. While this can be inconvenient, it’s also a sign that our farmers are growing things the old fashioned way, with love instead of heavy fertilizers and excessive pesticides.

When these kinds of situations occur, we’ll try our best to substitute with a comparable product. If we can’t source this locally, we might need to expand out to regional or beyond, but we’ll always do our best to minimize these for you. By staying open minded and flexible, we are all working together to support the mission of local farms and food!



Click on the 'Log In' link at the top of the website. 

Go to the 'Log In' link at the top of the website to log in. Follow the “Forgot Password” link and an email will be sent with instructions to reset your password. Make sure to copy and paste the link into a new browser tab. Your password from our old site/system, will not work unless you've logged in and edited your password in our new system. If you have trouble, please contact to reset the password with a temporary password. 

1 | Choose one of our 6 customizable produce boxes: The Grazer Box, The Farmer Box or The Homesteader Box. Each box is available with organic or conventional produce. (Please Note: The Disease State Produce Boxes are not customizable.) You can select a total of 12 produce items, 10 vegetables and 2 fruits from what is shown in 'What's Inside' on the specific box you'd like. 

2 | Add the box to your cart. Click on + Add To Delivery to add the box to your cart. There, click on Customize Box and make your selections. You will have to delete undesired items to allow for other selections. NOTE: Make sure to click Save to save your selections. 

3 | Add-On Produce: With the purchase of a produce box, you can also purchase Add-On produce to add to your order. (A $3.99 shipping fee applies for Add-On produce items no matter the number of items purchased.)

4 | Checkout: There is no checkout button. Once your order is in your cart, we will process your credit card within 24 hrs. Once your order is processed, there are no cancellations or refunds.

Our checkout process is unique in that there is no Check Out button. Once your order is in your cart, we will process your credit card within 24 hrs. Please note that any order shown as ‘Ordered Processed’ on your 'Upcoming Deliveries' page, has already been processed and cannot be canceled. 

Shipping days are: Monday and Tuesday. 

You can see your upcoming orders by logging in (click on the 'Log In' link at the top of the website). Then use the drop down menu to go to "Upcoming Orders.” You can see upcoming orders for up to 2 weeks in advance.

To add items to your recurring order: 

  1. When adding product to your cart, choose the frequency that you would like your product to be delivered
  2. Add item to cart 
  3. That product has now been added to your recurring order at that frequency 

To remove items from your recurring order: 

  1. Go to "My Delivery" 
  2. On the left hand column choose the tab "Recurring Items" 
  3. Choose item that you would like to adjust the frequency of, quantity, or delete from your order 
  4. Click "Update Order" to save changes
Once logged in, use the drop down to go to the 'Account Balance.' Here you will find your account balance, as well as your delivery history. This is also where you'll see any credits that have been added to your account, or coupons, or even e-gift cards. 

Just log in to your account and remove your current box type, then simply select the new box type you would like, and how often you would like to receive it.

If you decide to cancel your account or cancel a recurring order from your cart, you can delete any orders from your account or you can email customer care at before the end of the customization window for your upcoming order. Please note that any order shown as ‘Ordered Processed’ on your Upcoming Deliveries page has already been processed and cannot be canceled.

We always aim to ensure that your Worthy Flavors experience is incredible. If there’s anything our customer care team can do to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at 

Going on vacation, business trip, or just need to skip a week? No problem. Log In to your account at the top right side of the website before the order window closes, which is 3:00 PM two days before your order ships, and select 'Skip Deliveries.' Enter the date range during which you don't want to receive deliveries and select 'Save.' (Please note, you must set this up prior to the order window closing which is by 3:00 PM two days before shipping the order you want to skip).

Click on 'Delivery Hold' if you're going on vacation or want to put your deliveries on hold for a while. Select the beginning and end dates you want your account to be placed on hold. Then click 'Add Vacation.'  If you are having trouble placing a hold or skipping delivery, please contact us at so we may assist to ensure your order is accurate. 

If you would like to resume your recurring order, go to your 'Upcoming Deliveries' and press 'Un-Skip Delivery.' 

Please email if your box didn't arrive when it was scheduled. 

It’s easy! You can email us at or call us at 863-599-8432 between 9 am – 5 pm ET, Monday – Friday. At times throughout the day, we may experience a larger than usual call volume and you may be prompted to leave a voicemail for a return call. Please leave a voicemail with your name, email address and phone number associated with your account, and a brief message summarizing the reason for your call and we will return your call as soon as possible. 

If you can’t find the answer to your question within our FAQs, email



We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We do not accept SNAP/EBT or PayPal at this time.

Protecting your personal information is one of our highest priorities. Our website uses secure server software (SSL). When you provide your payment information, it goes directly to a credit card processor. We do not have direct access to any of your credit card information.

To update your payment information in your account:

1. Login to 'My Account'

2. Use the drop-down box to go to 'Account Info'

3. Scroll to the bottom to 'Payment Info' where you can click to update credit card information, or enter a new credit card, and make sure to select 'Update' to retain changes.*

4. When finished, if you receive a notice your credit card was declined, email for payment processing.**

**If your card is declined, please make sure that you double check your billing address, credit card number and expiration date. Contact if you have questions.

If your credit card is declined, you will be notified via email with instructions, and we will continue to retry your card. If the issue with your payment continues, your service will be suspended until the issue is resolved.

If your card is declined, please make sure that you double check your billing address, credit card number and expiration date. The billing address entered, must match the billing address associated with your credit card. Contact if you have questions.



Your order will ship via UPS. Once your order is picked up , you will receive an email with your UPS tracking number so you can easily see your delivery details. If your tracking number isn't active yet, don't worry! The link may take some time to update.

To keep the produce cool and fresh throughout the journey to you, and to avoid using dry ice or toxic gel packs, we pack each order with frozen bottled water that thaws during transit. In the summer months, we pack with 6-8 bottles of water due to the heat. The water bottles work more efficiently, like giant ice cubes that are contained. The water is safe to drink, too. Just enjoy and recycle. (Please note: the number of bottles in your box, doesn't change the quantity of produce you receive.) 

We do everything we can to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order. If you aren't completely satisfied, please let us know within 24 hours of your delivery and our customer service team will happily make it right. Please take photos of the damaged item(s), and send them by email to within 24 hours of receiving your order. 



Yes! You can save money with our Fresh Reward Program by sharing Worthy Flavors with your friends!

For every friend you refer to Worthy Flavors that becomes a first-time customer with at least one (1) order, we will add $10 in credits to your account for a future order. Your friend will also receive $10 in credits in their account. Here's how it works: 

  1. If you don't have a Worthy Flavors account, you'll need to register. Once registered, go to 'My Account' the drop-down box called 'Referrals.'
  2. Send your referral link directly to your friends or share in a social media post using the information above. By utilizing your referral link, your friends will be sent to to register to create an account. Just remember, they need to live in the states that we ship too. 
  3. During registration, your name will be auto-populated in the 'Who Referred You' box. Please make sure they use your referral link, as that is what populates this box with your name.
  4. Once your friends and family place their first order, you'll receive $10 in credits, and they'll get $10 in credits! Credits are processed on a weekly basis and applied to your account. They can be viewed in your account under 'Account Balance.'
  5. There is no limit to how many people you can refer. Your referrals must be first-time customers, not current or former Worthy Flavors customers. 



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