Our Growers

Here’s just a few of our farming partners which grow the yummy produce we deliver to you every week.

Blackwater Farm

“Diversification is Key to Success in Farming”, spoken by Freddie White, was the idea that Blackwater Farm was built on. This farm has been in the White family for over three generations, with its initial start in traditional crops. They quickly found that they needed to produce something year-round. So, they started planting crops unusual to farmers in their area of Baxley, Georgia, like: strawberries, English peas, onions, snap beans,and sweet potatoes to name a few. Growing, harvesting and marketing year round grew Blackwater Farms to what it is today.

Blackwater, now operated by Freddie’s son Jeremy, who has grown the farm to become a sustainable multi-crop farming operation spanning many acres with many crops. Certified Organic by QCS, Blackwater grows hundreds of acres of Organic Blueberries each year. Their current organic vegetables include: Beans, Beets, Blueberries, Bok Choy, Cabbage, Cilantro, Corn, Kale, Parsleys and Radishes. They also grow a host of conventional crops on other fields scattered all throughout the region.

C&B Farms

C&B Farms, located in Clewiston, Florida, grows a wide variety of specialty vegetables and herbs. Popular items include Organic Green Beans, Conventional and Organic Herbs, Lettuces, Leafy Greens, Baby Bok Choy, Cabbages (Green & Red), as well as an assortment of conventionally and organically grown greens, radishes and many other items. C&B Farms is dedicated to farming safe, healthy and sustainable crops, which has allowed them to establish a longstanding reputation in the produce industry. Their ongoing dedication to growing, packing, and shipping high quality, flavorful vegetables has carried their farm through over three decades. Led by Founder and CEO Charles “Chuck” Obern, 2019 Florida Farmer of the Year, the team at C&B Farms has committed itself to a custom pack, any item – any way – everyday mentality. While explaining the concept of Worthy Flavors, Mr. Obern had this to say, “I love growing vegetables that are full of flavor. And now, I can deliver them right to our customers kitchens, directly from our farm. What could be better than that?” Exemplifying their role as environmental stewards of the land, won C&B Farms recognition from the Florida Farm Bureau Federation, This Farm CARES award for 2019. Chuck says, “We love farming. We love working the land. I feel that we, as farmers, have a responsibility to future generations to do the right thing for our environment, and to protect Florida’s natural resources.

Buurma Farms

Founded in 1896 with only 4 acres of fertile muck farm land, Frank Buurma planted and grew celery. As time passed the Buurma Family grew their farm to what it is today. Operating 2,500 acres and producing around 60 different crops, Buurma has become a staple in summer vegetable production. Servicing the Eastern United States from Chicago, North to Boston and as far South as Sunny Miami Florida. Buurma is owned and operated by its 12 family members who each play a key role in the consistency and quality produce they grow, pack and ship. Employing upwards of 500 personnel every year, Buurma has the experience and expertise to provide quality, consistent and sustainable fresh vegetables all summer long.

Selling only the finest in fresh vegetables remains the core values of the Buurmas and their entire team.

Brooks Tropical

In the early 1900s, Charlie Brooks and his son Dick started growing avocados, grapefruit, limes, and mangos in the subtropical climate just south of Miami. In 1928, Dick rode inside a refrigerated truck filled with Florida avocados to NYC to make sure the fruit would arrive fresh. That opened up new markets for the farm. In the 1960s, Pal Brooks followed his father into the farming business.

Today, Pal Brooks and Greg Smith keep farming in the family. Heading up operations that grow premium tropical fruits and vegetables throughout Florida, the Caribbean, Central, and South America.

Growers Management (GMI)

Grower’s Management, Inc. (GMI) was founded in 2000 by David Basore and Paul Orsenigo. Paul and David are the owner/operators and together combine over 60 years of lettuce, leafy vegetable and general production experience. Our farming operation currently grows and packs a wide variety of leafy vegetables and fresh market green beans. Our employees focus on producing a high quality, fresh and safe product for the customer.

We are able to make this commitment through hands-on management and oversight on the farm and in the fields.