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Being farmers we know sustainability is key to being good stewards of our lands, nurturing our fields, helping the environment, and ensuring our customers continue to receive these wonderful vegetables and fruits far into the future. We are doing our part, not only in all our farming practices, but we’re very conscious with our package materials.

Our Farmers

  • Utilize an on-site composting facility to keep our soil healthy and to reduce fertilizer use.

    We follow strict BMPs (Best Management Practices) to help reduce the impact on the environment. Our BMP’s cover nutrient management, irrigation management and water resources protection, just to name a few.

  • Employ a tail water reuse system.

    Tail water reuse also known as reclaimed water, is primarily used for irrigation, but can also be used for other purposes. There are many benefits to using reclaimed water, such as reducing discharge into rivers, bays and wetlands, while ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective water supply.

Our Packaging

  • 100% Recyclable Materials
  • All our packaging material can be reused, repurposed or recycled.
  • We use Ecofriendly materials in to support our ongoing efforts to support sustainability.
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